I offer workshops in which participants develop intercultural competences and refine their own sensitivity in this area. We look at facets of communication in a multilingual context and reflect on internalised clichés and stereotypes that limit our view of the world.

We use creative-interactive methods to tackle multi-layered issues such as discrimination and racism.


Intercultural youth encounters bring together young people from different countries. Using methods of non-formal intercultural and civic education, they work on a topic and thus get to know each other. Just like in adult education, they reflect together on stereotypes that shape their world view. They also share different aspects of their history and experiences to explore the diversity of their humanity together.


Inclusion, peace, prejudice, racism, intersectionality, human rights, „being foreign“, migration, exil, empowerment...


  • To gain a deeper understanding of the concept of diversity: within us and around us
  • Support a courageous society that shows civil courage


As a moderator, I work for [international] events and conferences in German, English or French. I help with conceptualisation, content development and methodological-interactive approaches.

Clear communication is an essential element for the smooth running of an international event, but is all too often neglected. That is why I am happy to advise on the topic of "events and multilingualism":

  • What does inclusive communication need?
  • How can language inhibitions be sensitively reduced?
  • What challenges take place frequently?
  • Where are the resources?
  • What does a sensitive cooperation with the interpreter need?

Occasionally I also support events as a simultaneous interpreter in the three languages mentioned above.


Storytelling is the possibility to convey the old tradition of oral tradition in the public space. It is also about confronting the audience with their own clichés and stereotypes about the world in a very different way. With powerful images and fascinating stories, the audience is taken away to listen, feel and think...

The performances take place in cafés, parks or at festivals.

I am also happy to offer storytelling workshops or moderation of events with storytelling elements.

This affinity for storytelling has also led me to contribute as an author to various books on the subject of "storytelling".